Services Offered

  • Power factor studies, harmonics and recommendations.
  • Advisory services in PF equipment selection.
  • Energy saving studies.
  • Island power station protection and system audits.
  • Solar hybrid generation solutions.
  • Substation yard, buildings, equipment and overhead line audits.
  • Annual substation reports.
  • Generator and standby plant audits.
  • Thermal imagery analyses of HV/MV/LV equipment.
  • Network modelling, system fault levels and grading studies.
  • Fibre optic networks.
  • Software changes and programming of SCADA networks.
  • Commissioning services.
  • Metering audits.
  • Factory witnessing tests / reporting on all site bound equipment.

Substation Routine Testing

  • Partial discharge on electrical equipment using ultrasonic techniques.
  • VLF testing on MV cables.
  • Pressure Testing of MV equipment.
  • Thermal imagery analyses of HV/MV/LV equipment.
  • Earth Integrity, earth Mat testing and earth arrangements.
  • HV/MV circuit breaker testing including ductor, pressure and speed tests.
  • Fibre optic OTDR.

Protection Testing

  • Relay protection settings and all functionality tests.
  • CT and mag curve ratio verification.
  • Primary and secondary injection tests.

General Plant Protection

  • Generation synchronization.
  • Voltage restrained overcurrent.
  • Loss of field.
  • Over frequency.
  • Motor, pole slip and Differential protection
  • Hybrid solar protection schemes.

In Addition

We offer network modelling and substation audits to ensure integrity of client power systems avoiding costly asset shut down and loss of productivity due to unwanted failures in electrical networks which invariably are the back bone to productivity in operations.

Systems Technology Consulting offer advice and studies for mines primarily in Africa on solar hybrid generation for island generation and grid connections, this is growing in demand due to the ever-increasing price of energy and the worldwide objective of reducing the carbon foot print.

We have accredited personnel and high-tech equipment available to offer these services and peace of mind that your equipment and assets are of sound value by way of operational integrity.

Power System Protection ● Design ● Commissioning ● Testing